Academics at DECA PREP

DECA PREP will incorporate the best practices of DECA to help fill the skill gaps that current students enrolling in the middle and high school face.

"We Go To College" Culture
  • The focus of DECA PREP is to prepare first-generation urban students to go to college. By instilling this culture in elementary school, students will gain knowledge, habits and skills necessary for high school. This will prepare them well for college. It's the collaboration among parents, community leaders, and advisor/teachers that continually reinforces this mindset. Once in high school, students do not spend time deciding if they will go to college, but where they are going.

Character Education

Students will learn to:

  • respect fellow students and others in a diverse environment
  • show respect towards parents, teachers, and community members
  • model good citizenship skills
  • resolve conflicts peacefully

Engaging Academics

  • Reading proficiency by the end of grade 3
  • Development of extensive math skills in preparation for 8th grade Algebra
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM experiences)
  • Frequent assessment of students' learning 

Required Parental Involvement

  • Prior to enrollment in the school, parents agree to attend "Parent Academies"
  • Advisor/teachers are a point-of-contact for parents. This eliminates communication barriers and allows for the easy resolution of problems.
  • Parental involvement helps build positive relationships among parents, teachers, and administrators.

Community Relationships

  • Students will be engaged in the community in a variety of ways - to see how the skills they are learning apply to the real world.


  • DECA PREP will grow opportunities for many after-school activities.
  • Your DECA PREP student will have homework EVERY DAY to practice skills learned throughout the day.
"Inherent in high expectations is the 'no-excuses' message." (Benard, 2003)